Too Much Baseball

043 Too Much BaseballI’m not sure there is such a thing, but it sure feels like I’ve hit it over the past week and a half.  At a minimum there has been enough baseball to keep me from having time to write a post last week and just enough time to write this excuse this week.

The weeks have gone something along the lines of three rec playoff games last week including the championship game on Friday night, followed by a travel practice on Saturday morning, followed by the rec All-Star game on Sunday morning (not sure a 9U All-Star game makes a lot of sense, but we had one so we coach), followed by a travel team practice Tuesday ahead of our season opener last night (Wednesday) which is followed by games today (Thursday) and our Cal Ripken District opener on Saturday.  And of course we have a practice on Sunday because we have two weeknight games next week and two more CRT games on the weekend.

The only question I have will all of these games is when do we expect the players to get better?  Because it isn’t happening in the games and all the games leave little time for practice.  And I won’t turn baseball into a five- or six-night-a-week job for 9-year-olds.

We’re in the league for the first time this season, but afterwards, I’ll sit down and think about what’s best and if there is an alternative to 12 games over 6 weeks.  It’s too much baseball even for me.


One thought on “Too Much Baseball

  1. I understand this feeling well! It’s either one extreme or the other it seems – a crushing travel schedule – or a too-weak rec schedule – both making it difficult for kids to actually get better at the game.


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